Honeymoon--The word conjures thoughts of a romantic secluded destination, warm tropical nights, and the love of your life. Or does it? 

For some people a honeymoon could be a week at Walt Disney World; for others spending time kayaking with the whales off the coast of Antarctica; for others, a bus tour through the Capitals of Europe. Whatever you dreams, we can get you there.

As for the wedding ceremony. Why limit yourself to your local church? We can plan the destination for you.  So, let your mind wander--A Dude Ranch near Yellowstone, a hot air balloon ride in Albuquerque; a beach wedding in the Caribbean; or even something I cannot imagine. 

Our fees our reasonable. We charge nothing for honeymoon planning. Our destination wedding planning fee starts at $250. After our initial free half-hour meeting, we do charge a $50 consultation fee for destinations weddings, but we apply that to your wedding package.  Fees do not include resort or wedding planner's fee. Florist, baker, caterer, and all such vendors are also not included.

Sample Fees

Domestic Destination Wedding


Caribbean All-Inclusive Weddings

$400 to $600

Dude Ranch Wedding

$200+10% of all net revenue. Net revenue charge waived if Dude Ranch pays commission

 Adventure Weddings

Price varies

Cruise Weddings 

$200 to $1000 depending on cruise line.


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