About Us

In 2018, after over 40 years in the travel industry and four years of living and working in Yellowstone National Park, our founders, Dale and Rick, decided to strike out on their own. Setting up shop in the small Wyoming town of Greybull, about 1 1/2 hours from Yellowstone National Park. we decided to focus on Our Country's Best Idea, National Parks. Soon we were booking National Park Vacations all over the USA and other parts of the world.

All things Disney was next on the list of must sells. Given the fact that we have former Cast Members on our agent roster, The Mouse now roars loudly. We love booking our guests and friends on trips to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney's Vero Beach, Hilton Head and even Aulani in the USA and Hong Kong, Tokyo, Paris, and Shanghai overseas. 

When a soon-to-be-wed couple came to us for a different type of honeymoon in the Park (Yellowstone) another niche chick was hatched from its shell. This chick soon spread her wings and honeymoons and destination weddings became a large hen in our ever-expanding coop.

Next, we branched out into river and ocean cruises, becoming a large segment of their business. Clients now come to us for shipboard weddings, honeymoons, and vacations. 

Today, Greybull Travel is a full service agency booking everything from a weekend at Cape Cod to a safari in deepest Africa with experts in almost every genre. We are value conscious, and cater to discerning guests. We think that price, while important, isn't the only issue when planning your hard-earned vacation days and dollars. We would be amiss if we sent you on a party cruise line if you're looking for a quiet, romantic getaway. Likewise, a twenty-something, ready to dance all night would be ill-served on a quieter line where the club features jazz and closes at 11 pm. 

We'll do our best for you. Like we say:


Think Of Us As Your Travel Genie. (Magic Lamp Not Included)